Official mod support for Fallout 76 is on its way


The mod support coming to the games by the developers lately makes the game lovers smile. It is on the agenda that one of these supports will come for Fallout 76. Bethesda, the developer of the Fallout series, announced that it is working on official mod support for the game. The developer team also underlined how tough the process was.

Fallout 76 official mod support coming soon

Speaking at a panel published by QuakeCon in the Netherlands, the game’s developer team expressed their emotions and commitment to the expected official mod support for the game. Jeff Gardiner, the leader of the Fallout 76 project in his broadcast on Twitch, asked him about the mod support, “Absolutely. Your work on mod support continues. This feature will meet with you soon, ”he replied. Stating that unlike the previous single player Fallout games, it is much more difficult to provide mod support, and the reason for this is the difference in the core client and server architecture of the game.

Stating that studies are planned for Fallout 76 mod support before, Bethesda stated that this will be possible after a long time after the release of the game. Stating that they are quite clear on the subject, Gardiner said, “We call it heavy lifting. Because we have to put a lot of resources in it. Due to the structure of our processor and server architecture, we cannot act with the logic of drag and drop like previous games. But there is very little left, keep waiting ”he said.

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Many mods for Fallout 76 have been followed by Bethesda since the beta period. In this way, the company, which hears what people are interested in and what is popular, aims to give what is expected with the modes it will bring. The studio also aims to provide official support through the Steam Workshop instead of special mod servers such as Nexus Mods.


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