Since they debuted in October 2019, SuperM has become one of the most promising bands in international music. Although their songs obey the rhythms of K-Pop, their rhythms are able to captivate anyone who listens to them.

Gradually, his followers have been enjoying new content by his favorite band. One of these materials is merchandising, those t-shirts, sweatshirts, stickers and even cardholders with the names and faces of the group members. And SuperM was not going to be less.

The avengers of K-Pop have delighted their followers with all these products, adding a new one to the list recently that has caused the stir in social networks. This is the famous light stick, an object that lights up and can not be missed in the idols’ concerts. These bars are synchronized through your mobile phone and offer a spectacular play of lights among the public.

Well, the new and promising K-Pop band has launched its own light stick, in which the shape of its logo predominates, which blends perfectly with the elegant black body. Come on, a light bar that perfectly reflects the concepts of this band, and that will arrive on December 9 through its website. Of course, you can book it next to the digital album for 55 dollars.

SuperM came into our lives to change it, and did it together with an EP loaded with new and powerful rhythms to fill our playlists. Taemin, Kai and Baekhyun, Taeyong, Mark, Ten and Lucas, all from different groups, have joined in a project focused on their international audience. Of course, without losing its most Korean essence.

And you, are you already thinking about getting your light stick?


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