Official defense from Apple for Epic Games case


Apple was sued by Epic Games for its policies regarding the iOS App Store. The company sent its defense to the court regarding the antitrust case.

The court also requests the court not to temporarily revoke the Fortnite App Store ban that was applied throughout the litigation process. In addition, Epic has been accused of breaking Apple’s rules and accepting direct payments through Fortnite in a dishonest way.

In a court hearing, Apple executive Phil Schiller wrote that Epic CEO Tim Sweeney “will fundamentally change the way Epic offers apps on Apple’s iOS platform” and wants “an Epic-only deal”. When Apple refused, Epic changed its policy to exclude Apple from in-app purchases. Now Apple argues that Epic’s ban is its responsibility.

“After its own volunteer actions, Epic is now seeking emergency assistance. But the “emergency” is something Epic has created himself, “Apple said in a response to the court. “Developers who try to deceive Apple are eliminated, as Epic has done here.”

Elsewhere in the file, Apple made its defense of the in-app purchase rules. “If developers can avoid a digital purchase, it’s the same as a customer leaves an Apple retail store without paying for the item removed from the store: Apple can’t get paid.” he is writing.

Apple’s response; Sweeney contains a stack of emails between Schiller and other Apple executives, including emails that Sweeney asks Apple to extend the changes Epic requested to all developers. On June 30, Sweeney asked Apple to allow Epic to open its own app store on iOS, adding an alternative payment system that would allow those games to bypass the App Store’s standard 30 percent discount on Fortnite and other Epic games.

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Apple refused. “The App Store is not just a marketplace – it’s part of a broader suite of tools, technologies and services that Apple offers to developers,” wrote Douglas Vetter, one of Apple’s general consultants, in mid-July. “We cannot be confident that Epic or any developer will maintain the same strict privacy, security and content standards as Apple. As a matter of fact, because Apple treats all developers on the same terms, Epic asks Apple to outsource the security and security of Apple users to hundreds of thousands of iOS developers. ”

Apple argues that App Store apps, including the in-app purchase system, are no different from console platforms such as Sony PlayStation or Microsoft’s Xbox. “Apple really needs a way to get paid. [In-app purchase] is the main mechanism by which Apple, like many other trading platforms, implements its business model and compensates for its significant investment in the platform. ” he writes in the case file.


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