The Office’s John Krasinski may join Marvel movie


According to Geeks WorldWide, John Krasinski (The Office, A Quiet Place) recently met with Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, to discuss the development of a long future. However, the rumor does not detail whether the actor would be in any role or in the position of director. Also according to the website, in recent weeks the studio has held virtual meetings with several directors, actors and screenwriters to develop new projects.

Although there are no officially confirmed negotiations, this would be the first formal meeting Krasinski had with the executive, in which they would have talked about various projects within the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Meanwhile, fans quickly speculated that the supposed film would be about the Fantastic Four, which is due to be announced soon.

In this case, the public’s great desire is due to the actor’s physical similarity to the comic book version of Mr. Fantastic – alter ego of Reed Richards, leader of the series group. Even moments after the rumor was released, the hashtag #ReedRichards was featured on Twitter’s trending topics.

Couple at MCU?
It is worth noting that Krasinski has already shown interest in being part of the MCU on some occasions. In February, he commented that it would be incredible to be on a studio project and recalled the support received by the public on the subject. In March, he reinforced his statement, saying that he would love to be in this universe of comics.

Besides him, actress Emily Blunt is also seen by history enthusiasts as the potential to take on the role of Sue Storm (the Invisible Woman), Richards’ wife in the team’s comics. Interestingly, the actress is married to Krasinski in real life, a fact that only warms speculation about the performance of both in the respective characters.

Also in early March, Blunt was asked by ComicBook about the repercussions of this news. “I don’t know, you would have to talk to Feige about this, right? The lineup of fans is obviously flattering and adorable, but I see it only as hypothetical, ”he commented.


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