Officer: P.T. (Silent Hills) will not be playable on PS5


A system update on PS5 will render P.T. completely unplayable, out of backward compatibility by Konami’s sole decision.

Although Konami already gave notice a few weeks ago, it has already been officially confirmed: P.T., the terrifying demo of the ill-fated Silent Hills by Hideo Kojima, will not be playable on PS5. This only makes it clear that, if you want to enjoy it once again, it will only be possible if it is installed on a PS4 before the Japanese company removed it from the PS Store.

As they have been able to confirm from the Polygon portal in their PS5 review, P.T. It cannot be played through the backward compatibility system of the console, and it will be thanks to (or because of) a system update that will arrive on the same launch day, specifically on the 12th worldwide except in Europe, that it will be postponed until the 19th. This way, even players who already have it on PS4 will not be able to transfer it to the next gen.

The impossibility of enjoying P.T. in PS5 it would be in this case Konami, since according to Sony it has repeated on numerous occasions, it is the publisher who decides in each case whether or not a game is backward compatible. Considering the decisions made by Konami regarding P.T., going so far as to deny its existence until it was finally able to permanently remove it from the PS Store, this is not at all surprising.

What remains of terror

Fortunately, the void that P.T. It will be more than covered in the coming months on the new consoles, not only PS5, but also Xbox Series X. In fact, it is Microsoft’s console that has two of the most promising horror titles in its future catalog, such as Scorn. and The Medium, by the creators of Blair Witch and Layers of Fear, and recently delayed to 2021.


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