“The Office” is the most watched licensed content on Netflix during pandemic


“The Office” has long been one of Netflix’s most vivid shows and now millions of people are watching the streaming platform, the cult of the show has only grown further.

In a Variety report, NBC’s success is, overall, the most-watched “acquired” show on the streaming platform.

During the week beginning March 2, “The office” recorded over 189,000 viewers during the week. Second on the hit list is PopTV’s “Schitt’s Creek,” which had 112,000 viewers.

“Good Girls” and “Parks and Recreation” garnered 100,000 viewers north, while other hits like “Better Call Saul” and “American Horror Story: Apocalypse” finished significantly below.

As the calendar gets closer to April, the time fans have with “The Office” continues to decrease. The show will be out of Netflix later this year as it moves to NBC’s Peacock, a new streaming service that debuts in the spring.


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