Office: motivated to shoot this scene thanks to “friends”


The Office drew inspiration from “Friends” more than once, but the Warner series also gave them the motivation for a certain scene.

The cast of The Office rarely filmed outside of their office location. But when they did, they were amused by these unusual comic scenes.

One of those occasions was to celebrate “Friends” singing the main theme of the famous Warner series and whose history you may not know.

Find out when they sang the Friends title song on The Office and more about the episode here on Somagnews.

“Beach Games” puts a new spin on The Office

Everyone in the office had to go through a lake in the episode “Beach Games”.

In the episode, Michael (Steve Carrell) runs a series of employee contests in order to find the new regional manager. From an egg and spoon race, a hot dog eating contest and a sumo wrestling and even walking on hot coals, they were the challenges for The Office.

This is all after the employees look forward to a relaxing day by the water. But the promise of a promotion makes Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson), Andy Bernard (Ed Helms) and more highly competitive.

Cast sang “Friends” theme on the bus

Jenna Fischer, who played Pam Beesly, said the bus was what the cast actually used to get to the lake that day. They had extra time after filming, so they sang together.

Angela Kinsey, who played Angela Martin, said the DVD comments that Harold Ramis, who directed the episode, revealed that he has never been on a bus and does not sing.

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“We sang ‘Tiny Dancer’ and then we also sang Friends and clapped,” Kinsey said on The Office Ladies podcast. “I didn’t know all the words for that, so I just clapped,” she admitted on the subject of the show.

“I remember that vibe of us singing our way to the beach that first day. And then frankly when we got off the bus and we got hit in the face in 98 degree weather, I feel like you see it on our faces.

Angela Kinsey talked about seeing the scene where the characters have to drag things off the bus and fight. She said it felt very real given her situation and it is one of her favorite memories on “The Office.”


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