Offers video chat with Fortnite Houseparty


Houseparty, one of the video chat applications that attracted attention with the pandemic period, now connects Fortnite players. Players will be able to video chat with their friends while maintaining the Fortnite experience.

Houseparty must be installed on their iOS or Android devices in order for players to benefit from this opportunity. The smartphone or tablet functions as a webcam with this feature. After establishing the connection between Houseparty and Epic Games accounts, players will be able to make video calls while playing Fortnite on PC, PS4 or PS5.

This feature is currently not supported on Xbox and Switch. In the press release made by the Fortnite team, it was stated that the work continues to cover all players.

It is not difficult to understand that the main target audience of Fortnite and Houseparty integration are close friends playing the game together. Only players who are on each other’s buddy lists will be able to participate in Houseparty conversations in Fortnite. Chat administrators will have the authority to limit the number of people or remove users. The background of the participants will also be automatically covered with colored backgrounds for privacy.


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