Offers new audio features for Instagram Reels


Instagram improves the audio features it offers for Reels a bit more. With the touches made, Reels’ sound experience approaches that of TikTok. With three newly added features, it is easier for users to share and save audio clips.

One of the newly added features, the audio browser, highlights the songs popular on Reels at the time and offers personalized recommendations. Reels’ innovations include the ability to record audio for later use and to share audio pages in direct messages.

One of the most common complaints about Reels was that the audio features of the app were cumbersome compared to TikTok’s. In TikTok, users can easily extract audio from someone else’s video and insert it into their own video. Although Reels allowed it to do so, it did not offer a convenient way to track sounds in the app.


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With its latest update to Instagram Reels, it aims to make it easier for creators to identify popular songs and clips and mark them in the app. Recording a sound from Reels means users can reference the audio sheet. Reels content using the same sounds is also collected on a single page. Sharing audio pages also helps other users find inspiration.

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