Off at Vic and Nicola: David Beckham makes a statement about Brooklyn


David Beckham (47) has a torn collar. It has long been rumored that there are strained relations between his wife Victoria Beckham (48 years old) and daughter-in-law Nikola Peltz Beckham (27 years old). More recently, the billionaire’s daughter even said that Victoria allegedly ignored her during the preparation for the wedding. The Beckhams should not have liked this open interview at all: they say David made an announcement to his son Brooklyn (23).

They say that the former football player hugged his eldest son to his chest and made a remark to him, an insider told the Daily Mail. “I don’t think David ever lost his temper or spoke rudely to Brooklyn, but that’s what happened.” It is reported that Bex took his son aside and told him: “We don’t do it in our family – and you know we don’t do it in our family. What happens next depends on you, but that’s enough for us. drama.”

It is said that the words of Brooklyn’s wife shocked the former British football player. “David was genuinely shocked by Nicola’s interview because it seemed like she was washing dirty family laundry in public. And he said Brooklyn’s brothers Romeo and Cruz are hurting too,” the source continued.


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