Of course, the peak shots of Lacey Chabert’s upcoming Christmas movie include a classic reference to “Mean Girls.”


We may still be in the midst of the spookiest month of the year, but a more fun and vibrant holiday season is coming before we know it, which means there will be plenty of new Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel. A regular face on the web, Lacey Chabert worked hard on a new holiday movie, in which several funny shots were released, which even included a reference to “Mean Girls”.

If you didn’t live under a rock, you’d know that before Lacey Chabert became a Hallmark mainstay, she left her mark as Gretchen Wieners from Mean Girls, whose father invented strudels for toasters. The film is known for its numerous quoted phrases and iconic moments, and in TikTok from NBC News “Stay with Us” some behind-the-scenes footage included a funny reference to a popular movie in which Chabert even took part:


@watchsavannah joins #LaceyChabert on the set of @Hallmark Channel’s #HaulOutTheHolly 🎄

♬ original sound – Rachel Winters

Although the first quote was said by Amanda Seyfried and the second in relation was said by Rachel McAdams, it is still an A+ callback. Although it would be even better if it were published directly on October 3, due to the fact that Aaron Samuels asks Kady what day it is. However, any reference to “Mean Girls” featuring one of its stars is definitely first-rate.

Although little is known about the upcoming Christmas movie by Chabert, judging by the appearance of TikTok, there will be a lot of snow and a lot of huge festive decorations. But she seems to be having fun, despite the fact that she missed her daughter’s first day of school. Maybe there will be even more references to “Mean Girls” in the film itself?

The crossover of “Mean Girls” and “Hallmark” makes me wonder if it will ever be possible to reunite in various projects of the stars. Lindsay Lohan has an upcoming Christmas movie on Netflix, and Jonathan Bennett is no stranger to Hallmark. If they teamed up with Lacey Chabert and others for a holiday movie, it would definitely be a dream come true. Fingers crossed, this will happen in the future!

Meanwhile, Lacey Chabert has been busy at the network since signing a new contract with Hallmark earlier this year. In the summer she was filming in Hawaii for the film “Groundswell”, and even before its premiere, Chabert got into the Christmas spirit, reuniting with friends from Hallmark and a classmate from the North Coast, preparing to shoot her next holiday adventure. Although there won’t be many familiar stars at Hallmark this year, due to GAF having attracted stars like Candice Cameron Bure and others for its own festive lineup, knowing that Chabert is staying with the channel (for now) will greatly improve the situation. more tolerable.

The premiere date of Lacey Chabert’s upcoming Christmas movie has not yet been announced, but be sure to keep an eye on the Hallmark 2022 movie schedule to see an updated list of new movies coming online soon!


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