Of course, the appearance of Johnny Depp with a redhead gave rise to rumors about the diversity of Camilla Vasquez.


The rumors surrounding Johnny Depp’s personal life have become, as it were, the last winds that turn the rumor mill. There were rumors that Depp was dating lawyer Camilla Vasquez, but eventually these rumors were refuted properly. As the actor returns to filming future films, as well as touring with his musical talents, those who like to talk suggest another potential love affair.

This new round of talk is coming from TMZ’s famous rumor mill, and even the publication is warning people to break salt shakers for it. Photos of Johnny Depp and an unidentified red-haired woman appeared after his recent performance at the Italian jazz festival in Umbria, which caused new conversations about the actor’s personal life.

Continuing to tour with musician Jeff Beck in Europe, all attention was focused on the former leader of the Pirates of the Caribbean, if only to see what steps he would take next in his widely publicized life. This is certainly enough to reduce the severity of the already cooling rumors about Camilla Vasquez, even after she wore A+ class clothes during the recent reunion of Johnny Depp and his legal team.

If there is some truth in this assumption, then it can come from whether this mysterious lady has been seen again or will be seen on Depp’s current tour. The above report suggests that she may be working for Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck’s road crew, which is quite likely that this could be both right and wrong.

With the recent verdict on Amber Heard’s defamation lawsuit, it appears his lawsuits have come to an end, and Johnny Depp seems to be getting on with his life. Music is not the only art he has been doing lately, as his next film “The Favorite” will be his first acting role after the trial. Not to mention that Depp’s art label Never Fear Truth also provides Johnny with another creative outlet into which he can pour himself.

All this activity can make it difficult to find a potential companion, romantic or otherwise. However, this will not stop the rumors, especially when one of the photos of Johnny Depp and this unknown woman looks like he is almost pulling his hand out of the clutch with her. Again, these are all assumptions, because while a picture is worth a thousand words, they rarely ever tell the full story.

For now, we just need to wait and see what happens next, keeping our ears and eyes open for further updates. In the meantime, if you are a Johnny Depp fan and wanted to watch his recent movie “Minimata”, but you didn’t have the opportunity, you can stream this movie if you are a Hulu subscriber. While we don’t know when “The Favorite” will be released, we do know that its home for post-theatrical streaming will indeed be Netflix.