Of course, Johnny Depp and Will Smith Competed For The Title of The Most Popular Actor of 2022 on Google, But There Were Some Surprises Below in The List.


Every year Google publishes the most popular actors of the calendar year. The list often reflects the touchstones of pop culture, as well as rising stars gaining momentum. This year, it is not surprising that the most popular search queries reflected the main events reported by the media. Johnny Depp, who, along with his ex-wife Amber Heard, led a very public libel hunt, topped the list at number one. He was followed by Will Smith, who became the subject of much controversy when he hit Chris Rock on stage during the Oscars. However, as we go further down the list, it becomes much more surprising.

The first four places were taken by the persons involved in the aforementioned disputes, and Amber Heard and Chris Rock took 3rd and 4th places, respectively. However, there were some certain amazing honors students. The star of the TV series “Very strange things” Joseph Quinn took 6th place, while the rest of the actors remained off the list. This was especially surprising considering that the actor’s character, Eddie Munson, spent only about 42 minutes of screen time for the entire season. Nevertheless, Eddie stands out among the fans, so perhaps his place on the list is justified.

In 9th place was the star of Top Gun: Maverick Miles Teller. Although Teller certainly made a splash this year, including becoming a fan favorite on TikTok and even an SNL host, the actor was neither a star nor the most profitable actor in the blockbuster. Tom Cruise seems like a much more obvious actor to the audience, but it seems Teller was the one who piqued the interest of Google users.

Another unexpected addition was Ashley Judd, who took 10th place. The Emmy-nominated actress didn’t have a major movie role at all this year, but she appeared as herself in the movie “She Said.” The film tells about journalists who worked on the investigation of allegations against Harvey Weinstein, which caused the #MeToo movement and a major reckoning in Hollywood. Judd was at the forefront of the movement and worked to expose Weinstein, so her participation in the film made sense.

The rest of the list includes Julia Fox, who dated Kanye West earlier this year and has been very active on social media about the controversy ever since; Jada Pinkett-Smith, who was the subject of a Chris Rock joke that provoked a slap in the face; and Ezra Miller, whose various disagreements, accusations against them and problems with the law looming over the future of the DCEU. You can view the full list, as well as other lists compiled by Google for this year, via USA Today (opens in a new tab).

Who knows what the next year may bring, and you never know who will make a splash with the audience. To find out what movie fans might be looking for in 2023, check out our 2023 movie release schedule. It includes exciting projects such as “Barbie”, “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Fate” and “Guardians of the Galaxy. 3, so there’s a lot to expect in the coming months.


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