Of course, Dwayne Johnson was the first to perform the theme of Black Adam in “Iron Paradise”: “Darth Vader Vibe”.


Dwayne Johnson got the “Darth Vader vibe” by listening to the Black Adam theme during his workout.

Dwayne Johnson has been hyping DC fans for months with “Black Adam” trailers and ubiquitous behind-the-scenes photos. The visuals were impressive, but not much was released when it comes to the film’s music. However, that changed when Johnson turned to social media with a monumental revelation. The star got carried away with the theme of the film, working in his “Iron Paradise”, and he got a serious “Darth Vader atmosphere”.

Rock decided to give his followers a brief overview of the topic through an Instagram post that appeared a few days after he noted that tickets for “Black Adam” went on sale. As with Johnson’s usual posts, the movie star turned to fans from his personal gym, The Iron Paradise, and took part in intense exercise when he decided to take a break. When the video started, Johnson was excited not only about his workout, but also listening to the unreleased DC movie theme. Watch how a multi-valued gratitude is spat out while swinging to a heavy string composition in the video below:


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Dwayne Johnson (@therock)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

Dwayne Johnson couldn’t contain his excitement when he heard a loud topic. The “Jungle Cruise” actor spoke about the “Darth Vader atmosphere” he got from this topic, saying;

You guessed correctly that this is the official theme of Black Adam. Written and composed by the outstanding composer Lorne Balfe. It has the atmosphere of Darth Vader, one of the masterminds along with a few other things.

While the Rock was as energetic as usual, the Black Adam theme was the star of the video. It’s probably appropriate that she played in this particular case, given that the star probably needed heavy music to help him with the rest of the workout. The combination of rock and orchestra also seems to match the sinister presence of the DC character that has been shown in various trailers. Considering how long the film had been in development, it must have been surreal for the actor to finally be able to listen to an excerpt from the music.

Dwayne Johnson spoke about his struggle to make a superhero movie, talking about his connection with the famous antihero. His love for DC and comics in general was fully manifested when he mentioned the usual Justice League lineup, which includes Batman and Superman. It goes without saying that this is a passionate project for him, and it should be nice for him to know that years of hard work will finally pay off. And the DC movie is only the first part of Johnson’s vision of DC, as he has already teased a possible “Justice Society of America” movie.

Of course, the entertainment industry mogul remained grateful and generous throughout the journey. Co-star Noah Sentineo called “The Rock” a real cool number because it is always present. We need to see if Centineo, Dwayne Johnson and company can. we were able to do something that matches the hype, but at least it already sounds like the music is on top.

The wait for “Black Adam” has almost come to an end, as it will be released in theaters on October 21. In the meantime, check out the schedule of upcoming CinemaBlend films to find out what other new films will be released this fall.



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