Oden’s Best Gear in CoD Warzone and Modern Warfare (June 2022)


The Oden is a fully automatic assault rifle for Warzone and Modern Warfare players, and creating the perfect gear is essential. The Oden assault rifle maintains a slow cycle speed to help control the 12.7 x 55m strong ammunition. However, before using this very destructive assault rifle, the Oden must be unlocked for use in a war zone.

Unlocking most of the weapons in Warzone requires completing tasks or reaching certain levels. For Orden, players must simply reach level 28. This can be achieved by playing Warzone or Modern Warfare. Players will not need too much time to reach this level in the gameplay.

The first action will be to maximize the use of Oden to unlock all attachments. This will allow the weapon to be modified to perfection in order to dominate the battlefield. Using Warzone XP tokens to level up weapons more quickly is ideal for players to make the most of Orden. These tokens will increase the amount of experience earned by the player during a certain period of time during use.

The choice of equipment is worn in Warzone and Modern Warfare

After unlocking each attachment, the best loading for Oden is as follows:

Colossus Suppressor: Suppresses sound, improving the range of damage and recoil control by reducing the aiming speed and stability when aiming. Oden Factory 810 mm: Increases the range of damage, bullet speed and recoil control, while reducing the aiming speed and movement speed. VLK 3.0x Optic: Russian combat optics with 3.0-fold magnification, which provides reliable target detection by reducing the aiming speed. Front Grip: A standard front grip that improves recoil control and aiming stability by targeting movement speed and aiming speed in a combat zone. Perk 1: Cold-blooded: Makes the player invisible to AI guidance systems and thermal imaging optics. In addition, it does not cause a high alert warning and negates the combat scout. Perk 2: Hardened: Players will completely fill armor plates with two plates instead of three. Using this perk completely restores the armor. Perk 3: Shrapnel: Players appear with additional lethal equipment. Explosive damage slows down the regeneration of enemy health.

This Orden gear provides a significant increase in the accuracy and range of the weapon, only harming mobility. This will allow players to use fully automatic long-range weapons with high damage in a combat zone. This is the perfect equipment for players who want to commit a massive series of murders in Call of Duty Warzone and Modern Warfare.