Oddventure: Earthbound-Inspired RPG Comes To Switch and PC In 2022


Oddventure: Developer Infamous Rabbit and distributor Pineapple Works confirmed the launch of Oddventure for the third quarter of 2022 – that is, between the months of July and September of next year. The game will be released on PC and Nintendo Switch.

The title gained fame last year for a short trailer of less than a minute that reveals the graphic aspect and the diverse inspirations of the production – ranging from the insanities of Undertale to the surreal and childlike style of the classic Earthbound.

The plot follows Charlie, a rebellious, antisocial teenager who lives in a bad mood. In search of her brother, she ends up falling into the realm of Luxia, a bizarre place with a look inspired by the stories of the Brothers Grimm and even touches of Nietzsche’s philosophy.

For now, there is still no specific date for the start of sales or the value of copies – only a demo is available for download on Steam.

The crowdfunding campaign is scheduled to launch on May 6, 2021 on Kickstarter.


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