Oculus Quest 2 does not support Oculus Go apps


The Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset was recently released and managed to get good grades in the reviews. Quest 2, which has a much more powerful hardware compared to its predecessor and offers a better virtual reality experience, is lacking in one aspect.

In the original Quest, users could access Oculus Go’s library of games and applications. In Quest 2, this is not the case. Oculus’ chief technology officer, John Carmack, made some statements on a question he was asked via Twitter on this issue.

In the question in question, it was stated to Carmack why the option to access the Go library could not be seen in the drop-down menu of Quest 2; Carmack answered this question with “Support Quest 2”. I have completely lost the internal struggle for retrospective compliance ”.

Facebook introduced the ability to access Oculus Go games and applications from Oculus Quest in late 2019. Thus, it was possible for those who did not have Oculus Go to benefit from the games and applications prepared for this device. Facebook gave up Oculus Go last June.

You can still access a certain number of games and applications through Oculus Quest 2. However, those who want to use old games and applications do not have an option other than old devices.

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