Oculus Makes Notre Dame Rebuilding Virtual Reality Documentary


A fire broke out in Notre Dame Cathedral, one of the symbols of France, and caused great damage to the building and the artifacts inside. The reconstruction of Notre Dame has been turned into a virtual reality documentary for Oculus.

Notre Dame Cathedral, which is one of the historical symbols of France, was damaged in the big fire last year. The roof and the dome of the building were destroyed in the fire. French President Frances Macron has announced that the historic building will be rebuilt in 5 years.

Targo has created a new virtual reality documentary for Oculus. The documentary covers the cathedral before and after the fire. The documentary shows the image of the building before the fire on April 15 at 360 degrees and the stage of the restoration works at the moment.

Notre Dame closed since the fire
The tourist center, whose restoration works have been continuing since the fire, is currently closed to visitors. 1 billion dollars of support has been collected for the works to be carried out so far. Workers in the building continue to work.

The virtual reality documentary starts with the images of the fire in 2019. The first and final versions of Notre Dame can be seen here comparatively. As it is known, after the fire, two big holes were formed on the roof of the building and the dome collapsed. The rest of the building is kept intact to protect stained glass. It is also known that nothing remains from this part of the building.

“We want everyone to see the helplessness we feel when we see the cathedral in flames,” Targo manager Chloe Rochereuil said in a statement. Gathering news images in different languages ​​was a way to show how global this event is. Suddenly the whole world started to worry about the cathedral and followed the news from the news. This was the starting point for us. ”

The construction of Notre Dame will take longer
Agulhon from Targo said in his statement that the rebuilding process would take longer than the rebuilding process in the 1800s. 4 people play the most important role in the restoration work: Patrick Chauvet, the chief of the Notre Dame, was General Jean-Louis Georgelin, responsible for the public relations process of the restoration, Anne Hidalgo, the governor of Paris, and Jean-Michel Leniaud, the art history expert, the head of the Friends of the Friends of Notre Dame.

Agulhon says that the resurrection of Notre Dame will be a symbol for the French people. At best, it will take years for the historical building to stand up and be opened to visitors again.


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