Octane from Apex Legends Is a Deeper Character Than People Think


Behind every character in Apex Legends, whether playable or not, there is an exciting story. This dedication to the prehistory of legends is one of the reasons why the Battle Royale game has been around for so long. As characters grow, develop and live their own lives, people notice and find aspects in them that they can understand and accept.

Respawn Entertainment has found several ways to create unique personalities of its characters. In the game, all Apex Legends game characters have something to say — whether it’s a certain place, an object or another legend. Characters even enter into a full-fledged dialogue with their fellow legends if they have a special relationship with them (Revenant, for example, always talks to Loba about how he plans to turn her life into a living hell). Beyond the arenas and battlefields, the narrative continues in comics, books, seasonal trailers, “Stories from Beyond” videos and seasonal quests told in episodes. Each legend gets its time in the spotlight of the narrative, but one legend in particular is bigger than it seems.

Octane Daredevil

When Octavio Silva (aka Octane) was introduced in the very first season of Apex Legends, he was advertised as an adrenaline junkie; and he. Born into the family of Eduardo Silva, CEO of Silva Pharmaceuticals, Octane grew up living a luxurious life on Psamante, Olympus, along with another legendary Ajay Che (AKA Lifeline). Eventually, he got bored with high-class life and started performing stunts at a young age. The culmination of these attention-grabbing actions was a grand stunt at his father’s fourth wedding, which involved a ramp, a flaming hovercar and a jacket filled with fireworks. The live broadcast of the wedding trick gathered one hundred thousand viewers, which prompted Octane to follow his desire to become a daredevil. Another Glove—related trick caused Octane to tear off his legs with a grenade-an action that led him to ask Lifeline to replace his lower appendages with his now iconic prosthetic legs.

This reinforces Octane’s status as a constant risk taker in Apex Legends. It may seem that he does it for the sake of attention and fans, but in fact, Octane needs an adrenaline rush that accompanies all his grandiloquent tricks. Octane easily gets bored, and he can only truly feel alive when his life is in danger. That’s why he tries to make his stunts as dangerous as possible; he even went so far as to replace his flesh and blood legs with robotic ones and combined a steam and a portable dialysis machine to move as fast as he could. The fans are just a bonus to Octane’s drive for maximum haste.

Octavio Son

While Octane’s mask and glasses hide his face, his real disguise is the carefree nature he assumes when his friends are around. He may act like he doesn’t care what happens to him (and to some extent he doesn’t), but Octane’s biggest fear is that he may end up like his father, who, unlike him, is a schemer and manipulative person who uses others in their own interests. Octane tries to distance himself from his father as much as possible, as can be seen from the season 7 quest “Family Portrait”, where he does not tell anyone that the attack on the party he attends with some of his Apex Legends comrades was organized by his father.

Although both Eduardo and Octavio try to stay away from each other’s lives, the few times they run into each other are not exactly warm and fluffy. In the Apex Legends season 9 quest “Heritage Antigen”, Octane and Eduardo exchange heated words and even get into a fight with each other, with some of the highlights being that Octane destroys his father’s estate, and Eduardo calls Octane a broken loser.

Despite the fact that Octane does not want to be like his father, he subconsciously seeks his approval. This can be seen in the season 12 quest “The Perfect Son”, where, among other things, Octane is surprised that his father calls him by a pseudonym, and not “Octavio”. The whole quest revolves around Octane trying to spy on his father, but they end up working together to bring Eduardo into the Syndicate Council (an action Octane both hates and secretly appreciates). Although the finale is not what people expect it to be, “The Perfect Son” shows a side of Octane that only his family can reveal.

Octane Friend

Despite how he may seem to his fans and father, Octane is extremely loyal to his friends and fellow Apex Legends. The reason he, Gibraltar, Pathfinder and Lifeline attended a charity dinner during the season 7 quest “Family Portrait” was that they could get an MRVN battery for the Pathfinder to power the battery on Olympus (Octane even went so far as to dress formally). for an event – something he hates to do).