Océane El Himer very proud of her rounded buttocks!


Océane El Himer revealed her dream body during an Instagram story after her sport! She even showed us her ultra rounded buttocks!

The beautiful Océane El Himer must have turned the heads of her fans this morning… Indeed, she revealed her rounded buttocks after her workout!

Marine’s sister is living her best life! Currently in Dubai, she enjoys the heat, the sea and the sun!

In recent weeks, the twins have taken up residence in the Emirates. So they have a blast with their friends!

Indeed, very close to Benijay, the Garcia couple and the sisters Dasc, Marine and Océane El Himer make great outings! Too much luck!

However, all is not so rosy for the ex of Paga … Two days ago, the beauty was the victim of an assault in the streets of Dubai …

Indeed, while she was walking with Elsa, a French fan did not like her refusal of video. Thus, Océane El Himer was insulted by the man in question …


Either way, Océane El Himer does not let the critics take it down. Thus, she continues her journey in Dubai as if nothing had happened!

This morning, she took advantage of the gym at her hotel. However, the bomb could not finish her training …

Indeed, as she explained in the story, there were too many people! Thus, Océane El Himer preferred to finish her session in her room.

Rest assured, Marine’s sister has a large suite in which it is largely possible to practice! The beautiful can therefore without problem polish her dream body!

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Moreover, in story, the Marseillaise unveiled the result of all its efforts by showing us its pretty rounded buttocks! We love !


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