Océane El Himer revealed her abs on Instagram!


Océane El Himer really has a dream body! La Marseillaise kills itself in sport every day as it does us the world on Instagram!

Bomb alert ! Océane El Himer shows off her abs and buttocks in an Instagram story!

It’s no secret that the El Himer sisters are very athletic and competitive! We saw him in this year’s cross country, anything goes!

Yet it is not all about confrontation! Indeed, Océane El Himer and Marine love to play sports!

At the moment in Dubai, they are not forgetting their routine. Thus, every day, young women go to their hotel room to do their workouts! Wow!

We therefore better understand why they have such a dream body… Indeed, Océane El Himer and Marine have a very healthy lifestyle!

If they go out to a club, the twins will redouble their efforts in the gym the next day… You have to have a will and a hell of a mind… Don’t you think?


In Instagram story this morning, Océane El Himer showed us the result of her workout … And beware, it’s amazing!

Indeed, after sweating, she showed us her ultra well-designed abs and her super rounded buttocks… Enough to turn heads and jealous people!

We also noticed that Océane El Himer had very good taste when it comes to sportswear … We love her set of pink leggings! Not you ?

Marine also did her session this morning! Relentless sports these two …

Anyway, we hope to see the binoculars in a TV again! We find them too funny!

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