Océane El Himer looks amazing in a zebra bikini!


In Story of her Instagram account, Océane El Himer shared a video where she displayed herself really very sexy with a zebra bikini!

Very active on social networks, Océane El Himer often shares videos or photos to her fans. And the least we can say is that she never misses an opportunity to be sexy on Instagram.

This Monday, November 16, Océane El Himer posted a new Story video from her Instagram account. In full product placement, the pretty brunette showed herself sexier than ever. She raised the temperature on the Web.

Indeed, Océane El Himer struck a pose with a striped bikini that highlighted her dream body. One thing is for sure, she really won over her fans. Followed by 592,000 people, it brought together a great community.

During her stint in The Marseillais vs the Rest of the World, the young woman was really unanimous. If some had not appreciated her in Les Marseillais because of her relationship with Benjamin, she was able to make up for it.


A few days ago, Océane El Himer also made a point about her belly in The Marseillais vs the rest of the World. Indeed, the pretty brunette has made several confidences which pleased her fans.

The reality TV candidate also confided: “An adventure which was short but rich in emotions for me .. I knew how to show you who I was, and I am happy that you discovered me in this adventure .. And This is just the beginning ! “.

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The young woman also added: “I wanted to thank my community. It keeps getting bigger. And to support me every day too. Besides, thank you all for following me! “.

His fans had also confided: “You’ve died too much in the adventure really. We were able to rediscover you from another angle. “But also” I’m really disgusted .. but thank you for bringing the adventure back to life. “


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