Océane El Himer (LMvsMonde5) separated from Paga


Océane El Himer is no longer with Paga and the video in this article will prove it to you! Marine El Himer separated from Benjamin Samat since Les Marseillais vs the rest of World 5, he throws him a very big tackle. For his part, Océane El Himer is no longer in a relationship with Paga.

They also stayed together after filming the cross made in W9, but their story did not last very long. And concerning the reasons for their rupture, it is still very vague! Rumors say that they have failed to be serious on their own … In any case, Océane El Himer seems to have turned the page of this story. The proof with video of blogger Aqababe which can be found just above.

As you can see on this video, Océane El Himer was kissing a certain Jon! For the moment, we do not know if this story is serious or not … Aqababe, he speaks of “fricotage”. In any case, all this proves that his break with Paga is not fake. On the web, we could read that they had pretended to separate so as not to spoil the episodes of Marseillais vs the rest of the World 5. Before knowing more about the love situation of Océane, know that Greg has still been accused of deceiving Angèle and the latter expressed himself in tears on social networks.


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