Océane El Himer is very sexy working tirelessly at the gym!


Océane El Himer had a big sports session this morning! On Instagram, she said she was totally knocked out after the session!

The pretty Océane El Himer may have forced too much on the sport this morning … Indeed, on Instagram, she showed how much she gave of her person!

Marine’s sister is a real hit! In Les Marseillais, she managed to become, in one season, an important element! Wow!

Thus, Océane El Himer has in front of her an almost entirely mapped out career on TV! As long as she makes the right choices!

Anyway, with her twin, the beauty is making a splash on social media! On Instagram, she is dangerously approaching the million! Well done to her!

At the same time, Océane El Himer has everything going for her: superb photos, a dream body and overly stylish outfits! We love it, don’t you?

However, with the El Himer sisters, we have nothing for nothing! Thus, they kill themselves in sport every day… What motivation!


Without sport, Océane El Himer is lost! Indeed, the great Marseillaise cannot stand to stand still!

However, this summer, she had to be more careful… After a knee problem, she had to stop exercising! A real drama for her!

Océane El Himer was still able to participate in the cross … Phew!

Unfortunately, for sporting events, she couldn’t defend her family too much… Her knee hurt too much!

Since then, the beauty has been able to resume service! Indeed, everything is better and she has resumed her training!

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Océane El Himer very proud of her rounded buttocks!

Still, it looks like she hasn’t decided to pay attention! She does big sessions like the one this morning for example …

Indeed, the beauty shared on Instagram that she was knocked out! A little rest this weekend will not hurt him then!


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