Océane El Himer attacked and insulted by a fan in Dubai?


Océane El Himer was the victim of an assault last night in Dubai … A difficult and unfair moment for Marine’s sister!

Océane El Himer was living her best life in Dubai until last night… Indeed, a fan attacked her!

For the past few weeks, the most famous reality TV twins have resided in the Emirates! Having taken their plane with Benijay, it took no less for the fans to get carried away!

And there is something! Indeed, the future season of the Marseillais should turn to Dubai …

We therefore suspect that the fact that Marine and Océane El Himer are present in the city has something to do with the show! Can’t wait to learn more!

Either way, both bombs are having a good time! Indeed, they take the opportunity to see their friends!

Thus, Océane El Himer and her sister found Jess, Thibault and the Dasc sisters. Very cool !

Yet last night Paga’s ex had some trouble on the streets of Dubai… Read on!


As Elsa Dasc and Océane El Himer were walking, a French fan accosted Marine’s twin sister. He asked her for a photo and some publicity for his pizzeria!

If the beauty agreed to take the photo, she kindly refused for the video! The latter, ultra angry, insulted him.

We let you read his words transcribed in Elsa’s story that we put to you above!

Anyway, this behavior greatly pissed off Leslie’s sister who did not hesitate to give a rant. According to her, this kind of fan tarnishes the image of France!

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For the moment, Océane El Himer has not yet responded to this aggression … To be continued!


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