Obstacles for Anne and Gilbert in their relationship


The Anne With An E series was canceled by the Netflix platform during its third season, leaving great stories untold, especially that of Anne and Gilbert.

Let’s remember that after many unforeseen events, Anne and Gilbert, managed to confess what they felt for each other. But this happened when Anne was about to go to college and Gilbert was going to go to the United States to study medicine.

What are the obstacles they were going to face?

Her romance was not going to be easy at all according to the novels, in fact, the way in which they declare their love in the series, is much earlier than in the books.

In the books, Han thought that Gilbert was courting the little sister of a friend of hers, and Gilbert thought that Anne was interested in someone else, when she was only looking for friendship. Reason why Anne rejects Gilbert when he first proposed to her.

But now with the way in which Gilbert and Anne’s relationship was going to be presented at a distance, they were destined to know about each other every few months, through letters, something very hard, since once they confessed and kissed , they must have separated.

It would certainly have been interesting to see the path of the two, since, according to rumors in the production, both Anne and Gilbert were going to meet new people who would make them doubt their feelings.

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