Observation Drones In Horizon Forbidden West: Where To Find Them


Horizon Forbidden West: We help you find all the observation drones available in Horizon Forbidden West in addition to telling you the method to reach them. In Horizon Forbidden West we will find a large number of collectibles that we can collect as the adventure progresses or in the endgame. In fact, we recommend waiting until you have advanced enough in the adventure to unlock the sunwing and thus be able to fly and reach high areas without having to look for climbing points or complicate ourselves more than necessary. This is especially applicable to the collectible at hand: surveillance drones. Below and as part of this complete guide we detail where you can find all of them.

Surveillance drones: how to find all 10 and get to them

Before leaving you with the complete list that contains the location of all the surveillance drones, it is important to point out that in order to reach them and jump on them (in order to knock them down to the ground) we simply have to reach the point marked on the map and observe the area to see where the drone flies. We will see that it approaches a nearby tree, mountain or building and that will be the point to which we must climb to be able to jump on the drone. As we said before, having the sun to get there will make our task much easier.

Observation drone No Man’s Land
Cantollano observation drone
Dry Longing Observation Drone
Pozoverde observation drone