From Obama to Luka Doncic: “Don’t Shoot Like Jason Kidd”


The paths of basketball stars and world leaders often don’t cross. However, the star name of Dallas Mavericks is Luka Doncic and Chicago-born ex-U.S. The moment when President Barack Obama met, was one of the most enjoyable moments of the All-Star weekend.

After the press members asked Doncic about the moments he met Obama, Slovenian Yıldız shared some details about the conversation between them. The star actress said, “Obama told me that I did a great job and inspired him. He then advised me not to shoot like Jason Kidd. ”

Barack Obama, a big basketball fan, is a fan of Chicago Bulls. However, this did not ensure that Obama remains what the Slovenian star did. Speaking about Doncic’s performance, former U.S.A. The president said Doncic would be one of the league’s most important stars during his 20s.

Luka Doncic played 16 points – 2 rebounds – 5 assists in the match where the World Mix lost to America between 131-151 and the young star seemed very pleased to be on the court with his peers basketball players.

But everyone knows that the Highlight of the All-Star weekend is not a Rising Stars match. The young star will take part in the All-Star match on Sunday with his rival Trae Young in the Rising Stars match. Doncic, who will be on the same field with the best players in the world, will be one of the biggest stars in that match.


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