Obama: “A hero for our children”


“The tweet with the most likes ever. A tribute worthy of a king” reads the official Twitter account. The actor also remembered by the world of politics and sport: Hamilton dedicates his pole to him

The news of the sudden death of Chadwick Boseman, the actor who played Black Panther who passed away at 43, has shocked friends, colleagues and fans around the world. “Rest in power” is the phrase that recurs in the thoughts dedicated to the king of Wakanda, but the latest message published on the actor’s profile, the one in which the family announces his death, has become the most appreciated tweet in the history of the social . A record made official by the Twitter account, which retweeted the message by adding: “The tweet with the most likes ever. A tribute worthy of a king”. Currently, one day after the disappearance, there are 6.5 million hearts, 3 million re-tweets and 156 thousand comments. The record only confirms the enormous wave of emotion and affection caused by the premature death, a cancer at 43, of the interpreter who has become an icon of the African American people, of black pride.

Chadwick Boseman is in fact remembered by his Hollywood colleagues but also by the black communities and the political world, agitated in recent days by the Black Lives Matter protests. “He brought history to life on the big screen,” said Reverend Martin Luther King III, son of the father of civil rights, while Democratic White House candidate Joe Biden commented that, “with his interpretations, he taught that we all can be superheroes “. Chadwick had dedicated his last tweet, last August 12, to Kamala Harris on the day when Biden had chosen her as “running mate”: “I am heartbroken,” said she, who had attended the same African university. American from Washington, Howard, where the actor had studied ten years later.

Barack Obama also remembers Boseman: “A hero for African American boys and for all our boys”. “Chadwick came to the White House to work with the boys when he was playing Jackie Robinson,” the former president wrote referring to movie 42 about the history of the black baseball icon, “he was young, talented and black, and he used this power. to give the kids heroes to watch. And he did it while he was in pain, “he added referring to the fact that Boseman has been battling cancer for years,” what an amazing way to use his years. Michelle Obama also recalled their meeting at the White House, speaking of him as “a sincere and open person. She knew that real strength begins within,” added the former first lady recalling that the actor was, like the characters he plays, “a hero to African American boys and all our boys”.

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Lewis Hamilton dedicated his 93rd career pole position, the sixth on the Belgian circuit, to Boseman, posing as the black superhero. The Mercedes world champion, after having remembered him during his radio team (“It’s for Chadwick, rest in peace”), reiterated the tribute at the end of the tests: “Today is an important pole for me, because I woke up reading saddest news I could imagine with the passing of Chadwick. This has been a really heavy year for all of us and this news has hit me really hard. It was not easy to find focus with this news weighing on my heart. I have I tried to work perfectly here too, I did it for our people and for him, for what he did with superheroes, showing many young people what is possible. He was a bright light that we will never forget “.


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