O Professor Aloprado ganhará reboot nos cinemas


According to Deadline, The Nutty Professor will get a reboot in theaters. Thus, the classic comedy originally starring the late Jerry Lewis in 1963 and revived on the big screen in the 90s by Eddie Murphy, must have another notorious actor of the genre to assume the main role of the new adventure, produced by Project X Entertainment, which will also be responsible for the continuation of the Pânico franchise.

According to the website, the project is still at an early stage of development by the producer. Soon, names have not yet been appointed to star, direct or write the feature, which also did not have the filming and release dates revealed.

The vehicle also reports that so far no studio would be linked to the project, as the producer Project X must still seek to define the creative team to manage the film before guaranteeing its distribution.

The original title, considered one of Lewis’ most iconic works, follows the story of a nerdy teacher who, to improve his love life, drinks a potion responsible for temporarily transforming him into the beautiful but unpleasant character, Buddy Love. In 1996, Universal started a new incarnation of the protagonist, now starring Murphy, but with the same basic formula.

In this case, he not only interpreted the figure of the teacher and his alter ego, but also gave life to all members of his family. This version was very well received by the public and critics, which ensured a sequel in the 2000s, Professor Aloprado 2: The Klump Family.

In this context, news of the classic comedy reboot is seen in the entertainment industry as a possible way to attract people to cinemas again. According to a survey carried out in May this year, the genre represents 43% of consumption intentions at the box office and having a great actor involved can guarantee greater chances of its success.


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