NYDIG Announces: Crypto Money Can Be Received From Banks In The USA


NYDIG Announced That Crypto Money Can Be Taken From Banks In The USA According to CNBC’s report, cryptocurrency custody company NYDIG is preparing to cooperate with hundreds of banks in the USA.

US investors will be able to purchase Bitcoins through banks, thanks to these collaborations.

Buying bitcoins is getting easier

Patrick Sells, who is in charge of NYDIG bank-side operations, said that hundreds of banks they are in talks with include big names, but most of them are smaller organizations such as Suncrest.

NYDIG, affiliated with $ 10 billion Stone Ridge, has partnered with Fidelity National Information Services to work with banks.

FIS of the bridge to be established with banks within the scope of the partnership; custody services are planned to be supplied by NYDIG. Bitcoin transactions will be under the management of NYDIG, not banks. Sells said the following about the service to be offered to banks:

“We’re making it easy for ordinary American citizens and businesses to buy Bitcoins using their existing bank accounts. If you are conducting all your banking transactions from your mobile application, you will be able to buy, sell and hold Bitcoins from the same application. ”

There is a demand from customers in this direction

While companies such as Robinhood, PayPal and Square have stepped into the cryptocurrency industry, most banks in the USA do not yet offer such a service.

This attitude of banks is changing due to the demand in the customer base. Yan Zhao, the chairman of NYDIG, said:

“Banks don’t do this just because they think customers want Bitcoin. Banks say, “We have to do this because we can see the data in the middle.” They see the money going to Coinbase, Galaxy, Kraken. ”

According to the statements of Sells, banks will decide on their own how much transaction fee will be deducted from the transactions made by the customers and they will be able to earn income from it.


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