NXTPAPER display technology and more from TCL


TCL introduced two new Android tablets with the new imaging technology NXTPAPER at IFA 2020. According to the company’s statement, NXTPAPER imaging technology, combined with reflective glass to best direct natural light, creates the world’s first screen that can be used on large floors such as tablets and is “eye-friendly”. This screen offers a special user experience developed for learning and reading. Additionally, TCL announced two new 10 Series tablets, TCL 10 TABMAX and TCL 10 TABMID.

NXTPAPER imaging technology consists of the artistic combination of screen and paper, the results of two years of product research and design, and 11 patents for eye protection. This screen technology has Full HD clarity that presents all colors with a visual experience like on paper without harmful blue light and flicker. The company achieves all this by using reflective glass with TCL imaging technology to direct natural light. This technology of TCL has received eye protection certificates from SGS laboratory, German VDE and German Rhine laboratory.

It is stated that TCL NXTPAPER has 25 percent more contrast for better imaging compared to traditional e-ink. Compared to the standard LCD panel, it becomes a much lighter device with its 36 percent thinner structure. As the power efficiency of NXTPAPER imaging technology is 65 percent higher than that of a standard LCD, it offers better battery efficiency and extends the battery life of the device. TCL NXTPAPER technology, specially designed for large devices such as tablets, is ideal for learning and reading, as well as providing a better study and learning experience by allowing videos to be played with a better image.

TCL 10 TABMAX features

It is stated that TCL 10 TABMAX offers the most vibrant colors and rich details with a superior imaging technology with NXTVISION. With the 10.36 inch FHD + screen, 8.3mm thick bezel and large screen, it is emphasized that creative work is unleashed without any limitations. With the TCL Stylus, users can write or draw in addition to drawing, just like with paper and pen. With its ultra-long standby time, natural hand grip and elegant design, the TCL Stylus becomes the best fit for this tablet.

TCL 10 TABMAX can easily handle high resolution video calls with its advanced dual microphone system that captures the user’s voice and its noise reduction feature that transmits sounds smoothly. The dual speaker setup also provides a more natural meeting experience, while the 8MP front camera enables more efficient group communication. The keyboard case and 4G connectivity help the user stay connected while on the move, while software solutions from Google and Microsoft keep user productivity at a high level.

Long working times can cause eye fatigue. TCL 10 TABMAX offers smart eye protection with better brightness and gradation in daylight or low light environments without flickering and harmful blue light. The device also provides a warning when the distance between the user and the screen decreases to 25 cm, increasing the distance and protecting the eyes. Using the Kids Mode, parents can set up parental controls for extra protection as well as an interface that children can use. The tablet can also be used as a smart home screen that displays photos, weather and traffic. Thanks to its integration with Google Assistant, things can be done easily and music can be started with a single voice command.

TCL 10 TABMAX, with 8MP front camera and 13MP rear camera, offers all-day use with a large 8000 mAh battery.

TCL 10 TABMID features

TCL 10 TABMID offers high quality features in a lighter and stylish design with only 325g weight and 8.5mm thinness and can be carried anywhere. Advanced innovative display technology with 8 inch FHD IPS screen and NXTVISION ensures that the tablet’s brightness, contrast and colors are not diminished when viewed from all angles. In order not to strain the eyes, it also reduces the blue light and fills the screen with black and white colors while adjusting the brightness to the environment with the reading mode.

The Qualcomm® Snapdragon 665 processor with powerful speaker system, deep sound for audio and video use, as well as an octa-core CPU and high-performance GPU for online gaming draw the attention of entertainment enthusiasts. TCL 10 TABMID is also a good option for children. Like the TCL 10 TABMAX, TABMID 4G offers a Child Mode that offers a user interface and parental control that can be used by children. It works with the Google Assistant to make things a lot easier and respond to the user with a voice command and start the music.

Powering movies, games, emails and much more, TCL 10 TABMID has a powerful 5500 mAh battery for all-day use. It also comes with a premium and exclusive series dark blue back cover, as well as a one-touch fingerprint sensor for easy entry and security. It also has a 5MP front camera and an 8MP rear camera.


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