NVIDIA’s New Monster RTX 3080 Viewed


The new graphics card RTX 3080, which NVIDIA plans to release this year, was displayed for the first time. Watching a different design, NVIDIA already seems to excite technology enthusiasts. The pricing of the device has not been revealed yet.

NVIDIA’s new graphics card RTX 3080, which has been anticipated by technology enthusiasts for a while, has been released for the first time. We can say that the hunting season has officially started for RTX 3000 series GPUs that are expected to be released soon. The company plans to release these graphics cards towards the end of this year. This means that new cards can be officially introduced during or at the Computex Conference that will take place in a virtual environment.

NVIDIA’s new graphics card RTX 3080 manages to amaze those who see it with its interesting design. This wonder of hardware with a symmetrical appearance may surprise users because of the blue color on it, but the card is not actually blue. The display card, which looks blue due to the use of the packaging layer, actually looks like a polished metal. Although the material used satisfies those who see it, it remains a mystery whether the aluminum edge design that the company applied in RTX 2080 will also be on this card.

Introducing the new monster of NVIDIA RTX 3080:

One of the most remarkable features about the device is that the fans are bidirectional. While the open inlet of one fan is at the bottom, the open inlet of the other fan is located at the top. Although it is too early to talk about the directions of the fans; while the bottom is the constant pressure fan, the top is thought to take out the air. NVIDIA has also signed an interesting design in the heat sink of the new graphics card and plans to be one step ahead of other devices.

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The printed circuit board (PCB) of the device is in an irregular shape and ends at the point of contact with the heat sink. The fact that only the gray plastic part incorporates the PCB, NVIDIA’s release makes the PCB’s claim to be small and irregular in the upcoming Ampere GPU design. If the device is considered in general, we can say that it is almost designed as Founder’s Edition.

According to rumors, the RTX 3080 will be out of the box with the GA104 GPU and will replace the 48 SMs (3072 CUDA cores) found in RTX 2080. RTX 3080 is expected to stand out compared to the previous model thanks to such powerful hardware it contains. NVIDIA’s way of pricing this graphics card is also a wonder. The company will have cost savings with its new design philosophy. In this context, it is not yet clear whether an affordable price will come.


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