Nvidia Would Have Stopped Production Of The RTX 3090 Ti, Says Rumor


The GeForce RTX 3090 Ti card was presented by Nvidia at CES 2022 and the market was hoping that the device could be launched soon. However, problems caused the company to ask its partners to stop producing the GPU, according to a report carried by Tweaktown.

A reason why Nvidia would have to slam on the brakes during production of the RTX 3090 Ti was not disclosed. TweakTown suggests that problems in the silicon would have been the cause. VideoCardz confirms that the company has halted production for the time being, but cites hardware and BIOS issues as the top two reasons.

As Nvidia has yet to make any official statement on the matter, there’s no way of knowing if the card makers will need to review GPUs that have already been made, nor how long the pause in production will last, or when the new RTX 3090 Ti will be available. will finally hit the stores. The only certainty is that Nvidia promised that it would talk more about the GPU until next month.

Monstrous board

The GeForce RTX 3090 Ti is a next-generation GPU that will feature 24GB of 21GB/s GDDR6X memory, adding up to 1TB/s of bandwidth. It will also have 320 Tensor cores, 40 shader cores, and 78 ray tracing cores.

Rumors suggest that the device will have 10,752 CUDA cores and a TDP of 450 watts. However, custom GPU versions can consume much more power, with TDPs rumored to be over 1000W.