Nvidia will digitize the GPU Technology Conference


Nvidia announced that it will hold the GPU Technology Conference (GTC) event digitally between October 5-9. On the first day of this event, Nvidia’s founder and CEO Jensen Huang will give an opening speech.

At the conference, innovations in fields such as artificial intelligence, graphics, virtual reality and in the private and public sectors will be discussed. Nvidia will deliver localized broadcasts for North America, Europe, Israel, India, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea during the event.

Live broadcasts will be broadcast for four hours a day for each region. Question and answer sessions will also be held in these broadcasts. There will be 16 all-day workshops in the event, where a total of 500 sessions will be held.

It is not difficult to predict that the focus of attention at the Nvidia GPU Technology Conference will be in Huang’s keynote speech. It is also known that Huang made important announcements at such events. However, Nvidia is expected to make the first announcement next month for the next generation graphics cards.

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