NVIDIA Warns: Lack of Chips Will Impact The Market in 2022


The crisis caused in the technology industry by the shortage of semiconductors and other components may still take many months to be overcome. The latest prediction on the subject came from NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang.

“I imagine we will see an environment with supply restrictions for most of next year. That’s my guess right now,” said the executive during a conversation with investors during the release of the brand’s financial report.

Despite the difficulties, NVIDIA is more adapted to the market this year: revenue for the last quarter was up 68% compared to the same period last year. In addition, the brand began adapting GPUs in an attempt to reduce the demand for cryptocurrency miners, who were responsible for a good part of the depletion of the products’ stock.

accumulated problems

Previously, Intel has quoted the shortage “should last for several years” until the pace returns to normal. Computer makers like Dell and HP are still betting on an increase in the price of electronics if the situation is not resolved.

Recently, factories of the automaker Toyota in Brazil suspended activities due to the absence of chips in stock.


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