NVIDIA wants to bring RTX GPU technology to ARM notebooks


NVIDIA: During NVIDIA GTC 2021, Jensen Huang announced that the company is looking for industry partners to make its graphics technology more accessible. In particular, the CEO wants to bring GeForce RTX GPUs to ARM-based processors.

The executive revealed the partnership with MediaTek to create a reference system and support for Chromium and NVIDIA development kits. According to him, this combination could deliver excellent PCs and notebooks.

Although it does not reveal details about the processor, it is possible to imagine the next generation Chromebook with an NVIDIA graphics card with ray-tracing technology. Something that would be quite surprising considering the energy efficiency of the ARM architecture.

Rick Tsai, CEO of MediaTek, spoke about the partnership in a brief statement. The executive said he was eager to see the technologies of the two companies working together and thus offer the power of GPUs for gaming and creating content on ARM PCs.

The acceleration of the GPU will be a major boost for the entire ARM ecosystem. With more graphics power targeted at processors, users will have more games and creative applications on more devices, operating systems and formats.

NVIDIA eyeing the ARM market

Wanting to gain space in the ARM processor market, NVIDIA follows in the footsteps of rival AMD. Previously, the brand partnered with Samsung to apply Radeon graphics technology to the ARM-based Exynos processor.

At the same time, the moves by NVIDIA and AMD could disrupt Intel’s legacy in the processor industry. Recalling that Apple left the company and developed the M1 chip for Mac coupled with the graphics solution itself.

During NVIDIA GTC 2021, NVIDIA also announced the Grace supercomputer processor. Based on ARM, this will be the brand’s first CPU for data centers.


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