Nvidia RTX 4070: price, specifications and release date forecasts


Nvidia RTX 4070 is expected to be released in early 2023. The GPU will be released after the RTX 4070 Ti, which is rumored to be released in January. We have everything you need to know about this upcoming GPU.

While the RTX 4080 and 4090 are indeed among the most anticipated GPUs on the market, they are not one of the cards that most people will eventually choose with. In the Steam Hardware review, you can see that the most popular cards are actually the XX60 variant, followed by the XX70 series.

In preliminary tests, the RTX 4070 competed with the RTX 3090 Ti. However, it is likely that the model tested here was actually not the 4070, but the RTX 4070 Ti, which runs on the same chip as the 4070, as we assume.

Before the official announcement of the 40-series GPUs, Nvidia seemed to be paralyzed by which SKU to turn into the basic RTX 4070 model. However, it seems that the weaker version will be modified as RTX 4070, and the stronger model will turn into RTX 4080 12 GB. However, further leaks revealed that the RTX 4070 was cut even further.

Approximate release date of Nvidia RTX 4070

The RTX 4070 is likely to be released in early 2023. Currently, we expect the card to be announced sometime in the spring, after the RTX 4070 Ti. It seems that the release of the RTX 40 series was somewhat shifted due to the initial leaks.

According to Kopite7Kimi, our initial estimates suggested the release of the GPU a little earlier. However, according to a recent video from “Moore’s Law is Dead” and the latest information from Greymon55, we can see cards released later starting with RTX 4090.

It is reported that Chinese suppliers received the first RTX 40 series chips around August. However, this report does not specify which chips will be shipped by suppliers, and therefore we cannot say with certainty that the AD104, on the basis of which the RTX 4070 will be built, is included in this particular crop.

We expect that the RTX 4070 will arrive to suppliers a little later, since, most likely, only the RTX 4090 will arrive to begin with. This is also due to the oversupply of current generation cards, the prices of which have just been reduced.

Approximate price of Nvidia RTX 4070

According to our estimates, the Nvidia RTX 4070 will cost about $699. Although there is no official price yet. Our estimate is based on Nvidia’s previous pricing structure for the RTX 3070, which started at $499. However, factors such as an increase in the cost of materials in addition to inflation can lead to a significant increase in the base recommended retail price, especially if it has a large jump in productivity.


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