Nvidia RTX 40 series may arrive sooner than expected


There has been a new development regarding the Nvidia RTX 40 series, which is highly anticipated by PC players. Twitter user NerdTech announced the release date of the Nvidia RTX 40 family. The RTX 40 family, which draws attention with its high power consumption, will be released earlier than expected according to leaks.

Nvidia RTX 40 family release date leaked

Twitter user Kopite7kimi shared details of Nvidia’s current Ampere graphics card lineup on social media before it was released last year.

Famous for its leaks, Kopite7kimi gave some information about the RTX 40 series. The new models will be produced with TSMC’s N5 technology, unlike the Ampere series produced with Samsung’s 8nm technology.

The future of the RTX 40 series with a new architecture called Ada Lovelace is among the leaks. Ada Lovelace, which will be produced with 5nm technology, will be introduced in the 3rd quarter of 2022 with new generation graphics cards.

The Nvidia RTX 40 series, which came to the fore with high power consumption, will allegedly have a consumption of over 400W. The RTX 40 family, which is stated to be introduced with the AD102 GPU with 18,432 CUDA cores, will be offered to users with twice the performance of the old generation graphics cards.

Considering that the RTX 3090 has 10,496 CUDA cores, if the leaks are correct, a new page will be opened in graphics card competition.


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