NVIDIA RTX 3090 raffle


NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang will broadcast the Graphics Technology Conference (GTC) 2021 event from his famous kitchen. American video card maker NVIDIA has planned special sweepstakes for the event on April 12th. However, the draw turned into a bit of a treasure hunt. NVIDIA has placed many extraordinary hidden treasures in the GTC Keynote video. Those who guess the hidden treasures correctly will win the right to participate in the lottery.

Lottery prizes include RTX 3090, NVIDIA RTX A6000, NVIDIA SHIELD TV PRO and NVIDIA ruler.

NVIDIA holds RTX 3090 raffle for GTC 2021

NVIDIA GTC Twitter account recently shared a video. The flickering bulbs in the video content caught the attention of some users. Thus, it turned out that there was a secret code in the video. These flickering bulbs showed the message “hidden treasure hidden treasure” according to the Morse code. Before long, a secret page of NVIDIA was revealed.

The awards are announced on NVIDIA’s rules page. According to these rules, one person among the first to detect all hidden treasures is entitled to win the RTX A6000 and one person to win the RTX 3090. The winner of the RTX A6000 must be in the US, and the winner of the RTX 3090 must be in the US or Europe.

The awards given at the NVIDIA GTC 2021 event are not limited to these. All 3 people who guessed at least one hidden treasure correctly will be eligible to win RTX 3090. In addition, 20 people who made at least one correct guess will also be eligible to win the NVIDIA SHIELD TV PRO or NVIDIA scale.

The things to do for the draw are simple. You need to Tweet by stating the treasures you found in the video above with time tags. Also, don’t forget to include the @NVIDIAGTC account and the hashtag #GTCTreasure in the posted Tweet.