Nvidia RTX 3090 design, connection structure verified


As Nvidia prepares for next week’s big GeForce event, it continues to give clues about next-generation graphics cards. In a newly released video, Nvidia engineers and designers talk about their changes to Ampere-based next-generation GeForce cards. The latest leaks indicate that Nvidia will introduce RTX 3000 Series cards on September 1. These include the Nvidia RTX 3080 and flagship RTX 3090 cards.

At the end of Nvidia’s video, the company also briefly talks about what the RTX 3090 will look like. To match the recent leaked photos of the board, the RTX 3090 will feature a streamer-shaped circuit board and a new cooling shroud. Nvidia also addresses cooling through video and says it has redesigned the cooling solution to improve airflow and try to overcome some of the annoyances of cooling solutions found in current GPUs.

This cooling solution and streamer circuit design will also cause some power connector changes. Leaks indicated that Nvidia would switch to a 12-pin connector. The company also confirmed this. The 12-pin connector comes in smaller dimensions than the dual eight-pin connector. Nvidia will also offer an adapter compatible with eight pin cables. The company says the 12-pin connector will free up more space on the circuit board for components and the cooling system. However, we currently do not know if the company’s third-party hardware partners will use the new 12-pin connector.

Nvidia RTX 3090 will come with high RAM

Also in Nvidia’s video is a new low profile leaf spring for the rear cover. At the same time, the stronger mechanical structure is also striking. This could be important, as recent leaked photos indicated that the RTX 3090 will occupy three slots, will come with 24GB of GDDR6X memory, and will be the premium Titan card for this generation. In other words, we have a monster graphics processor unit for gaming PCs.

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Nvidia still has many details to reveal next week. Among these are what the RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 graphics cards will offer on the performance side compared to the RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Ti. Price is also important information, especially when there are rumors that the RTX 3090 will be sold abroad for $ 1400.


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