NVIDIA RTX 3000 series features revealed!


It’s a short time before NVIDIA introduces the highly anticipated new high-end graphics cards. While the memory features of the RTX 3090, one of the graphics cards that will replace the RTX 2000 series, have been confirmed, other features of the RTX 3000 series have also emerged!

NVIDIA RTX 3090 memory capacity made clear!

Memory manufacturer Micron, in the document published for Ampere series graphics cards, announced that the new models will use GDDR6X memory technology, and shared the technical specifications of the memory.

nvidia rtx 3090

According to the shared table, RTX 3090 will use 12 GB of memory and these memories will have a data transfer rate of 1 TB / s.

How will the NVIDIA RTX 3000 series be?

RTX 3080 will use 2.1 GHz frequency speed, 10/20 GB GDDR6X and 320 bit memory technology. According to what is announced by Micron, RTX 3090 models will have 384-bit 12 GB GDDR6X memory. But according to another leak, it was specified as 24 GB.

Nvidia rtx 3090

Although there is no exact information for the moment, we can say that the new models will be much stronger in the light of the claims emerging. The RTX 3070s are expected to have 8 to 16 GB of memory, and the RTX 3060 6 to 12 GB of memory.

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