NVIDIA Reveals It Used Digitally Made CEO in Conference


On April 12 of this year, NVIDIA held the GTC 2021 opening conference with details about the company’s projects, products and services. At various times during the broadcast, the company’s CEO, Jensen Huang, appears in a kitchen to talk about the company’s technologies.

What no one knew until now, however, is that in one of these segments the executive was an entirely computer-generated figure. In a post published on the company’s blog and in a documentary showing the idea’s conception, NVIDIA explained that 14 seconds of Huang’s conference does not show the actual CEO, but a “clone” modeled after the company’s technologies.

The rest of the time, it’s him in the flesh in the speech — and it’s exactly this successful blend that makes the technology so impressive.

Creating a CEO

According to the company, the technique involved a complete scan of the CEO’s body and face, the training of an Artificial Intelligence to imitate gestures or expressions and the capture of movements using any actor to create the “model” of the executive.

During the few seconds that Huang is the digital copy, every element has been rendered by NVIDIA engineers and designers, from the venue’s decor to the CEO’s iconic leather jacket.

When is he “fake”?

In the original broadcast, the CEO’s scan appears only between 1:02:41 and 1:02:55. In the rest of the video, it’s about the real person in their own kitchen. Check out the timing of the transition below.

The feat is a technology demonstration of the so-called Omniverse, a platform that brings together several 3D modeling tools for collaboratively creating animations. NVIDIA further detailed the concept and creation of the virtual CEO in a long video posted on the company’s channel


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