NVIDIA Releases Security Update for Buggy GPU Drivers


NVIDIA released a worrying news on Monday (26) for all gamers using the company’s GPUs: several security problems have been detected in its video card drivers, which can make users vulnerable to privilege escalation attacks above. these bugs, arbitrary code execution, denial of service (DoS) and even disclosure of personal information.

According to the ThreadPost website, which released the alert, there are five main driver security bugs, some of them with the highest score, in the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS), a standard used to qualify and quantify the degree of vulnerabilities present in systems, with the objective of prioritizing them.

How to protect yourself from bugs in NVIDIA drivers?

The most dangerous of the five security bugs recognized by NIDIA was traced as CVE-2021-1074, which obtained a 7.5 on a vulnerability scale of up to 10. Located in the video driver installer, it facilitates installation malicious files that can lead to code execution, privilege escalation, DoS and information leakage.

Another high-severity bug is CVE-2021-1075, with a score of 7.3 on the CVSS, which can lead to the same risks as 1074. The other bugs with end codes 1076 to 1078 are of medium severity, and can lead to information theft, data corruption and PC crash.

As NVIDIA also detected eight vulnerabilities in its virtual CPU software (vGPU), it was “quick to trigger” and released driver updates, recommending all users to install them immediately, either through the GeForce Experience app (available here) , or directly on the company’s driver download page.


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