Nvidia Releases Driver for Windows 11 and Brings DLSS For More Games


This Monday (20), Nvidia released a new driver for Windows 10 and its future successor, Windows 11. The news adds 28 titles to the list of games compatible with the proprietary Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) technology, which ensures quality and higher graphics performance by adjusting the resolution used during sessions.

With the arrival of new titles, Nvidia brings together more than 100 games with official DLSS support. The sudden increase in compatibility is thanks to the addition of a plugin for the Unreal Engine 4 development platform, making the feature implementation process easier for programmers.

Among the main new games that will receive the news, as highlighted by Nvidia, are the remastering of Alan Wake and the releases INDUSTRIA and Severed Steel. According to the company, performance on the highest graphics settings, in some cases, could even double at 4K resolution — which in theory guarantees 60 frames per second on any RTX GPU.

In addition to DLSS, some games will also receive support for Deep Learning Anti-Aliasing (DLAA), which provides higher quality through artificial intelligence (AI) anti-aliasing processes. The novelty has been tested on some Elder Scrolls Online servers and will now come to INDUSTRIA, which is scheduled for release on September 30th.

Unlike DLSS, DLAA prioritizes highest quality over performance and for this reason is recommended for users with “GPU power” to spare. To get the news, just download the new driver from Nvidia, number “472.12”, directly from GeForce Experience or the company’s official website.


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