NVIDIA Prepares to Buy ARM


It was claimed that the purchase agreement between NVIDIA and ARM, which was rumored for the first time in July, is coming to an end. According to The Wall Street Journal’s report, the two companies could sign the purchase agreement very soon.

California-based graphics card manufacturer NVIDIA is very close to acquiring the chip designer ARM, owned by Japanese telecommunications giant SoftBank. According to the latest report of The Wall Street Journal, the ARM purchase agreement, the name behind the processors that power almost all smartphones and tablets, is coming to an end.

The news that graphics giant NVIDIA is interested in purchasing ARM first surfaced last July. According to The Wall Street Journal, the acquisition of British chip designer ARM Holdings between SoftBank and NVIDIA will be about $ 40 billion worth of cash and stock deals.

SoftBank bought ARM for $ 32 billion in 2016:

Tokyo-based telecommunications company SoftBank acquired British semiconductor and chip maker ARM in 2016 for $ 32 billion. This $ 40 billion deal is seen as a great gain for the Japanese company, as SoftBank increased the value of the company in a short period of 4 years.

Sources close to the industry say that NVIDIA and ARM have been in private talks over the past few weeks, and if there is no last-minute setback, the deal could be signed early next week.

ARM, which designs microchips that power most of the world’s smartphones, and NVIDIA, the world’s largest graphics card manufacturer, aim to become a powerhouse in the chip industry by joining forces. If the deal happens, it will probably be the largest semiconductor deal ever.

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The acquisition between the two companies is expected to take place very soon. We will continue to share with you as new details of the agreement come in. Stay tuned to be informed about the developments.


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