Nvidia Prepares New RTX GPUs With Mining Limits

Nvidia is working on new ways to block the use of its video cards for mining. According to Videocardz, the company will launch variants of its main RTX GPUs from May with mandatory use of crypto-processing-limited drivers.

The new video cards are being sent to partners with the nomination “Lite Hash Rate”, or LHR. The main difference of the updated models is due to a PCI identification that is only recognized by the new drivers from Nvidia. As a result, GPUs will only work on the computer with software that includes a performance limiter for mining.

The new video cards from Nvidia will also hit the market with native support for ResizableBar technology. Despite the changes, the products will be marketed without name changes, since the performance for games is the same.

In theory, the only way to know if the GPU has the mining lock is to disassemble the product or check the serial numbers with software on the PC.

New RTX 3060 coming in May

According to clues found by Videocardz, the first video card in the LHR line will be the RTX 3060. The GPU with modifications to disrupt the lives of miners should be launched within the next few weeks, according to the website.

The main clue for the arrival of the video card came from an Nvidia driver, GeForce 466.27. The software page says that the mining performance limiter will be reintroduced on the RTX 3060 and mandatory on product versions released in mid-May.

If the effort succeeds, it may be that the stocks of GPUs for games will start to return. The limitation on RTX video cards may also help Nvidia to consolidate its own cryptocurrency mining chips, which are sold on the CMP HX line.



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