Nvidia May Miss Deadline To Finalize ARM Acquisition


Nvidia: Manufacturer Nvidia is running out of time to make the ARM acquisition official. The purchase was announced in September 2020, but formalization still depends on approval by a number of regulatory bodies.

According to the Reuters news agency, the initial deadline for the purchase to be finalized is March 2022, with a possible extension to September 2022. However, even this final date may not be reached — allowing the acquisition to be undone by decision of any party involved.

In early June this year, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said he was confident that bureaucratic hurdles will be overcome in time.

One step at a time

One of the problems in the process is the discontent on the part of the semiconductor industry, which did not welcome the news of the purchase of such a relevant manufacturer, as the merger could “harm the competition”.

To have the purchase approved, Nvidia needs the approval of three regulatory authorities: the United States, China and the European Union. The European agency has not yet received the documentation from Nvidia and, if the process is not advanced, the deadline of September 2022 is not guaranteed.

The US is already in the process of verifying and studying the documentation, while in China the registration has already been carried out.

what Nvidia says

In a statement, Nvidia stated that it is already in the “ongoing dialogue” phase with the authorities. “Our discussions with regulators have been deep and constructive. We will continue collaborating throughout the version [in the Northern Hemisphere], as we have always anticipated, and the expectation is to close the agreement in early 2022”, says the brand .


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