Nvidia Makes Genome Sequencing Tool Parabricks Free Due to COVID-19


Nvidia has announced that it will offer a genome sequencing tool called Parabricks, which it purchased last year, for free for 3 months. This tool, which can be used by scientists, will speed up the work on coronavirus.

The coronavirus, which has become the agenda of the whole world, continues to threaten humanity. The COVID-19 outbreak with 244 thousand 523 cases to date has cost the lives of 10.031 people. The virus, which caused mobilization around the world, made everyone struggle with this virus as much as possible. Now, Nvidia, an important figure in the computer graphics industry, has taken an effective step in coronavirus.

Nvidia has dozens of tools developed for developers and scientists working on various projects. These tools ensure that processes that can take days or even months without a computer are completed within minutes, seconds. Realizing that scientific studies need to be accelerated, Nvidia has announced that it will offer a tool called “Parabricks” for 90 days free of charge for COVID-19.

So how does Parabricks connect with the coronavirus?
Parabricks is a tool that enables genome sequencing analysis through computers. Scientists can do any scientific research with this tool. While Nvidia makes this tool available, it also provides GPU acceleration. So scientists are able to analyze genome sequencing at the highest power possible. This tool will now be available to scientists working for the coronavirus free of charge.

Researchers can now access Nvidia’s genome sequence analysis tool for free. The company also supports the service it provides with this tool with cloud servers. Thus, even if scientists show great interest in Parabricks, they will not have any problems. In the statements made by Nvidia, it was stated that every precaution was taken for scientists to use this tool easily.

Nvidia provided a great boost to genetics with the Parabricks it bought last year. Scientists were able to analyze genome sequences in a shorter time than before, with the help of this tool, which draws its power from graphics cards. Continuing to develop its vehicle in the process, Nvidia has made the entire genome sequence of a human with Parabricks analyzable within an hour.

The COVID-19 disease caused by the coronavirus directly targets the respiratory tract and therefore spreads very quickly. Therefore, it is of great importance for scientists to reach the highest possible speed in their studies in order to combat the virus declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organization. Nvidia seems to have done its part for the COVID-19 by offering the Parabricks tool free for 90 days.


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