NVIDIA launches new update for Half-Life: Alyx


The long-awaited game by gamers has released NVIDIA’s new update for Half-Life: Alyx today. The GeForce Game Ready driver update will provide a better user experience for many games. Thanks to the new update, many problems have been solved. Performance issues have been fixed with bug fixes.

A better experience for VR
NVIDIA announces the new GeForce graphics driver. The 445.75 WHQL Game Ready driver, in which bug fixes were repaired, was presented to users. When the bugs that disrupt the VR experience are resolved, we encounter a smoother virtual reality experience with the Game Ready driver released today. Another problem that the new version solves is the black screen problem in Red Dead Redemption. This issue occurred when ‘Alt + Tab’ was made. Another feature of NVIDIA’s new driver is that it brings DLSS 2.0 support for Control and Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries. Increasing frame rates and sharp graphics also appear with RTX Tensor Cores of DLSS 2.0.

Compatible with laptop and desktop
SLI profiles are added to the GPUs and come with the new version. Operating systems where the files are compatible with 64-bit versions are Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. You need to download the files suitable for your operating system while updating for compatibility that is valid for laptop and desktop. After running the files for installation, wait for the data to exit, following the instructions for a successful installation.

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